Pool Automation

“Alexa, turn my pool on.”

What is Pool Automation?

Take the work out of pool ownership by automating all functions such as sanitation, balancing pH, cleaning and filtration. Access your innovative control system via smartphone, tablet or desktop.

We install only the latest technology in pool automation on the market so you can enjoy the most advanced features of a web-connected pool.

Once you have it, you won’t believe you used to live without it.

"Alexa, Turn My Pool On."

The best use of automation is to switch a pool spa combo from pool mode to spa mode and back again With one button, you can make the switch, enjoy the spa, and then switch it back after your relaxing soak with the same simplicity. You will use the spa more often, increasing your enjoyment of your pool and backyard and maximizing the health benefits of warm water therapy, both physical and mental!

The next best use of automation is to control pool functions if you have specialty features like fountains, color changing lights, swim jets, pool heat, water features, or fire features.

Beyond that, automation is a tool to run functions automatically around your home, yard and pool area such as outdoor music, yard lights, automated blinds and windows, etc.

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