Salt Systems

Simple and reliable salt water chlorination

Salt Water Swimming Pool

Saltwater swimming pools use a computer that reads the salinity level of your pool in order to generate chlorine. The salt cell utilizes a process called electrolysis to create a chemical reaction that produces chlorine in a hassle-free safe manner.

Chlorine VS Salt Pools

Myth: Salt pools are not chlorine pools

Chlorine is the powerhouse that kills bacteria in your pool. Salt pools still produce chlorine. The reason salt systems are considered healthier is that when you convert to a salt system pool you can control your chlorine output with pinpoint accuracy. Generally, a liquid chlorine pool’s chlorine level will fluctuate throughout the week. 

Think of it as a bell curve. When you or your service technician treats the pool with liquid, the chlorine will be on the high side and will come down over time. Conversely when you have a salt system installed on your pool the chlorine level can be maintained at a healthier level. For more info contact us about saltwater stem conversion. We prefer the Jandy Truclear for its reliability and modern design.

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