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We offer comprehensive pool care and maintenance services in Melbourne, Florida

Melbourne's Pool Dilema

Melbourne is a hotspot for tourism, and it’s no wonder why! There’s a lot for us to do here, but many of us  are just residents looking for that simpler life. We want time with our family and friends, and there’s nothing like swimming in the privacy of your home’s pool to get just that. The problem is that pools require a lot of maintenance! 

Regular cleanings and chemical balances may not sound like much until you consider Florida’s frequent rain showers, storms, and winds. Between the dirt and debris getting into your pool, and all the rain and time throwing your pool’s chemical levels out of whack, Melbourne pool services are actually quite the hassle! And that’s where 365 Pool Services, Inc. comes into the picture. Let us take care of your pool for you. We promise to delight you with our Melbourne pool services!

We do more than pool cleaning!

We do more than just cleaning your pool. Melbourne pool care is about so much more; we do actuator diagnostics, pool repairs, pump repairs, automations and more. Every piece of 365 Pools is designed to truly delight. Balancing pH is our bread and butter, but we do so much more. We are your one stop shop for nearly everything pool related, and if there’s a job we don’t do- we have partners that do. Every element of our comprehensive pool services in Melbourne is designed to leave you super-satisfied with your pool’s care.

Professionally licensed with the State of Florida

Our techs are professionally licensed to perform Melbourne pool services in the state of Florida! You can trust that we will adhere to all local regulations with the strictest concern for you safety.

What our clients say about our service:

Shawn S.
Shawn S.
Cocoa Beach, FL
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I saw the other reviews on here and decided to give them a try. I'm glad I did. So far my pool is spotless. Also, I had them convert my chlorine pool to a saltwater system (i highly recommended doing it) It is worth it. They come weekly to clean it and maintain the chemicals and it isn't as expensive as i expected.
Neftali Rodriguez
Neftali Rodriguez
Suntree, FL
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Nothing like making memories and enjoying pool days with family and friends knowing that the best company in town are taking care of it. It is so nice to swim without worries when your water always look crystal clear. Also, when you call for anything… they make sure you feel like a valued customer and take care of your needs. Staff is very well trained and very knowledgeable. Thank you 365 Pools!!
Megan B.
Megan B.
Parrish, FL
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Just hired them and I'm super excited to have switched! My pool was not being managed properly previously (by a different company) and they came in and diagnosed the issues. Very thorough testing and extremely knowledgeable. My pool showed improvements immediately. Highly recommend!!!
Angie Walker
Angie Walker
Rockledge, FL
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Great experience! These folks are experts. After replacing our valves, our pool is beautiful, clear and runs like a top! We are now summer ready.
Nathan C
Nathan C
Melbourne, FL
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365 pools is awesome and do such an incredible job! Thomas is very professional arriving on time every time and is very attentive to every need. I have never met a pool guy that is so prepared, diligent and that truly cares about the customer first, HIGHLY recommend!!! Will never look for another Melbourne pool services tech!!

Our Extensive Melbourne Pool Services

With our expert pool repair and maintenance services, safeguard your investment against coastal wear and tear. Trust us for a worry-free swimming experience!

Chemical imbalances in your pool can be dangerous! You need a professional. We ensure safe and balanced swimming conditions with our tested and tailored solutions for your optimal pool health. Our Melbourne pool services will balance that pH- no problem!

From green to pristine, revive your Melbourne pool with our professional pool recovery services! Or, if your pool is black, we’ll bring it back! We’ve restored Melbourne pools that we’re “too far gone” more than a few times.

Our efficient backwashing service clears out debris and ensures optimal filtration for a sparkling clean pool. Trust our experts to keep your pool water crystal clear and safe.

Ensure your Melbourne pool’s filter operates at peak performance with our thorough filter maintenance services! Trust our experts to keep your pool water clean and clear all year round.

Upgrade your Melbourne pool with cutting-edge automation systems! Control your pool’s features with ease and precision, enhancing convenience and efficiency. Experience the future of pool management today!

Eliminate algae and reclaim your pristine Melbourne pool with our proven removal solutions! Trust our expert team to banish algae, restoring clarity and beauty to your oasis. Enjoy crystal-clear waters once again!

We are certified with the state of Florida, and we keep up to date with all state  regulations and codes for swimming pools. Part of our Melbourne pool services is keeping your pool well above the state requirements. It’s going to be the best!

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Book your pool maintenance today!

Our certified technicians specialize in Melbourne pool services. We’re going to keep your pool healthy and clear all year long. With our routine cleaning, equipment upkeep, and water quality management we ensure that your pool exceeds Florida State health requirements. Using quality materials and equipment, we deliver efficient solutions to keep your pool in pristine condition year-round.

Maintaining your Melbourne pool is crucial! Without proper maintenance you will be caught off-guard by unforeseen complications. Even seemingly minor issues can escalate into expensive repairs if left unattended. 365 Pools understands that you don’t want to wasste your hard earned money on major repairs; so let us keep your pool in good shape.